Here are a few things that people have had to say about our establishments, both in Warsaw and London.

Warsaw’s most-renowned steak tartare is disassembled and reassembled before your eyes at this restaurant. The locally grown filet, a solid hunk of raw, red meat, is teased apart with seeming...
A review from Time Out London. The next one will be even better!
A feature on our Warsaw Establishment in 2008 Guardian Travel. 
Fine dining without all the frills... Our Polish restaurant is one of the worldwide trend-setters!
Our Warsaw establishment always features in Warsaw's top four, and regularly occupies the very top spot on Trip Advisor. 
Top Polish culinary critic's evaluation of our Warsaw restaurant (in Polish). 
Oliver Thring writes about Polish food in Britain in general and Gessler at Daquise in particular
Adam Gessler is now running a popular TV show on Polish cuisine - it can be viewed here.
Here's a detailed review from one of London's esteemed food bloggers, with photos.
Here is the full text of AA Gill's review. Five stars for both food and atmosphere. Come to visit us and find out why!