who we are

and what we do

We are a renowned family of Warsaw restaurateurs

Back in the 1980s we created one of the very first privately owned restaurants in Warsaw. We have since run a large number of restaurants, confectioners, and delicatessen. Along the way we've also made vodka and are currently trading our French cousins wine. As you might have gathered, we are fanatical about food and drink. 

Our flagship Warsaw establishment, U Kucharzy, is the most popular restaurant in Poland and is increasingly mentioned among Europe's greatest places to eat. This was recognised by Michelin, who awarded it a Bib Gourmand status for two years running - the only Polish restaurant to ever achieve such a feat. 

Our success in Poland prompted us to venture abroad and see if we can cut it there as well. We chose London, and a very special place there. Daquise has long had a legendary status among Polish establishments in London since its opening in 1947. Over the decades it has been the address for London Poles and their guests, and we aim to restore its former glory. 

We think that the mixture of our cooking and the historic address will be compelling. Come and find out for yourselves - we'll be delighted to have you. 

Our principles

It's got to be fresh - all we cook is made freshly. No re-heated stuff. We make it there and then.

It's got to be hot - we don't believe in chefs spending precious time painstakingly arranging food into artwork at the expense of it arriving cold. So in our restaurants it is our chefs who serve you food, straight from the pots and pans.

It's got to be top produce - over the years we have established a fabulous supply chain, and we source the very, very best ingredients from the best independent farms in Central Poland, and occasionally from reputable English suppliers. 

It's got to be pure - we use nothing ready made, no spice mixes, no pre-fabricated stock, no enhancers. All the flavours you'll taste in our establishments are 100% natural.